About Stock School

Stock School Is Owned And Founded By Mr. Siddharth Bohre In The Year 2013. He Is a Certified Technical analyst from innobuzz , He Has Done his Master's Of Business In Finance, Having More Than 8 rich Years Of Experience In Financial Market. He Started Trading Stocks in 2008 , He Is a Full Time Index Trader Who Believes in Instant Action Rather Than Prediction of market.

Stock School Is An Exceptional Team Of Market Traders With 15 Years Of Combined Trading Experience. It's a Full Time Service Trading Education Company, Our Expert Research Team Includes Industry Professional Who Have Acquired Skills Through There Deep Understanding Of The Market.

our stock school mission


Our Mission To Build Consistently Profitable Traders. Our Company Exist As a Support To You As You Pursue To a Individual Goals In Financial Market.
One Of Our mission Is To Create More Than 5000 Proprietary Traders That Can Make Career.In Financial Market. WILL YOU BE ONE OF THEM?